Looking back on 2020

December 2020 marks a step in many ways: the end of a difficult year with a lot of uncertainties that influenced our private and professional life. For the GRETE partners in particular, the last months of this troubled 2020 meant also to focus on the reporting of the first 18 months of project execution. Fortunately, being the four year project still in its initial phase, the GRETE activities were not significantly impacted by the restrictions applied in the several countries of the consortium members, allowing to continue the theoretical research and, even with less possibilities, also the lab activities. 

Few opportunities were given to promote the project on face-to-face encounters, thus audiovisual materials, such as the GRETE videos, have been created to present the consortium ambitions to a wider audience. Visit the GRETE YouTube channel for a sneak peak. 

The COVID-19 limitations forced the project coordinator to apply plan B also for the half yearly planned meetings: the members were supposed to meet in sunny Portugal this autumn for the 4th consortium meeting, instead, the gathering was held again online in a two-day session on November 18th and 19th. Although the social moments were missing, the exchange between the participants was very fruitful. Besides updating all consortium members on the ongoing activities, the meeting was an important appointment to verify the upcoming tasks and the needed contributions for the interim report to be submitted before the end of 2020.

After a well deserved break, the GRETE consortium will head off for a promising 2021 starting right away with some important appointments: in late January the consortium will meet – virtually – its BBI JU project officer for an interim review meeting while shortly after, on February 2 and 3, GRETE project partners will share their progress at the 2nd International Conference on Cellulose Fibres.

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