We’re ready for the GRETE final event: join us and discover the project results!

In 2022, the European Commission has made the thorough transition towards sustainability and circularity for different industries and especially the textile sector a main focus. The focus on textile is justified as the global textile production has almost doubled in the period between 2000 and 2015. 

How can the textile industry close the loop and achieve circularity of the used resources? How can the cellulose fibres industry contribute to the sustainability of the textile sector? These and other questions are the lead topics of the upcoming Cellulose Fibres Conference 2023, 8-9 March in Cologne, Germany. Starting from Spring 2019, the GRETE partners addressed the issue by developing some tangible solutions. Now is the time to share the outcomes: only a few days to go until the GRETE Final Event, embedded in the perfect setting of the Cellulose Fibres Conference 2023. The consortium is excited to bring the project results to a highly relevant audience of over 200 professionals from 27 different countries and give some concrete answers to these questions. Curious to know who? Find the public participant list here.

The different research lines of the project’s scientific work are going to be presented, in particular, on the second day, March 9th: the first GRETE-related presentation starts at 9:30 with Ali Harlin from VTT, followed by Joan Colón Jordà from BETA – Uni Vic at 10:30, both in the Sustainability & Environmental Impacts session. After the coffee break, we will have the “GRETE Session” Ionic Liquids and New Technologies for Pulps, Fibres and Yarns. Opening at 11:30 will be Eva Gazagnaire from University of Helsinki, followed by Jenni Rahikainen from VTT at 11:50 and finally Carla Vilela from University of Aveiro at 12:10. A Panel discussion with the speakers and special panellist Antje Potthast from BOKU – University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, is going to close the morning session.

Overview of the GRETE-related presentations listed also in our calendar, find the detailed conference program here. 

In addition to the oral presentations, the GRETE achievements are well documented with several posters showcased during the conference. A dedicated Poster Session – taking place during the lunch break of day 2 in a dedicated area of the exhibition space at booths 17, 19, 20 – will gather the authors and have them presenting first hand the research results. The GRETE work is summarised in 4 posters:

  • Effect of softwood kraft pulp pretreatments on regenerated fibre properties, presenting author Elisa Spönla
  • Feasibility of traditional and novel lyocell fibre production concepts, presenting author Lotta Sorsamäki
  • Cationization and spinning of fibres from paper grade pulps, presenting author, Simo Hannula
  • Analysis of degradation products from superbase ionic liquid, presenting author Ivan Melikhov

Find the GRETE and all other accepted posters here.

Interested in the project outcomes and have some questions? During the coffee breaks, we invite all attendees to visit the GRETE booth (number 22) and participate in our “Talk to the expert” session with the consortium members. 

Haven’t registered for the conference yet? Onsite and online tickets still available here. Use this code and get 20% off: CFC23-GRETE-9283u

We’re looking forward to meeting you there!

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