New blood for the second half: BETA joins the consortium

Shortly before the end of the year the documents were signed and a new partner joined the GRETE consortium: BETA Technological Centre of the University of Vic in Spain.

BETA is a research and technology organisation (RTO), born in June 2014 to give a definitive boost to the research activity in the field of environmental technologies with a focus on Biodiversity, Ecology and Environmental and Food Technology at the Universitat de Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya (UVic-UCC). The main mission of the BETA Technological Centre is to be a relevant actor for the technological development, the improvement of the competitiveness and the quality of life of rural societies. The impulse for fulfilling this mission comes from both the execution of R&D&I projects and the transfer of knowledge to the private and public sector.

Joan Colón Jordà and his team of BETA’s research line addressing Sustainability Accounting and Optimization will work on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the GRETE processes and technologies to evaluate the environmental impacts and improvements. In addition to a comprehensive evaluation of the environmental footprint, a social LCA will be performed assessing the socio-economic impacts of the GRETE fibres along the fibre value chain. The information gathered through these assessments will steer the consortium in the ecodesign process, selecting the most promising options within the viability range defined by technical, economic, market, environmental and social burdens.Don’t remember the other high profile consortium partners? Have a look at the updated GRETE network here.

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