GRETE partners on a forest tour

Kuura is a Metsä Spring’s textile fibre project that aims to develop and demonstrate the feasibility of a new environmentally-friendly concept, in which paper-grade pulp is converted into a novel Kuura textile fibre (lyocell-type staple fibre). Kuura offers a responsible alternative to various end uses in the world of textiles, without compromising environmental sustainability or product quality.

Metsä Spring has a broad presence in various R&D projects related to wood-based textile fibres. One of such projects is the GRETE project co-funded by the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (also known as CBE JU). 

In this news they talked about the consortium meeting hosted by Metsä Spring and University of Helsinki in October 2022. The second meeting day started with a forest tour in Kirkniemi, Finland. Hence, the forest tour was organised at Metsä Group’s visitor centre Nemus Futurum, which allows the visitors to learn about typical forest management practises in Finland.

Read the full news here.

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