Discovering the Finnish forests: partners back to Finland for the 8th consortium meeting

On 27 and 28 October the GRETE consortium met for the 8th time, the fourth in presence, and the second in Finland after the kick-off meeting in May 2019 hosted by project coordinator VTT. This time, the gathering was organised by the other two Finnish consortium partners: University of Helsinki, leader of the research work on the GRETE solvent system, and Metsä Spring, the Finnish industrial partner and Corporate Venture Capital company owned by Metsä Group.


The encounter gave opportunity not only to consolidate the efficient collaboration between the different working groups, but also to share the obtained results and gained knowledge with all consortium members. The project work is progressing as planned and very promising outcomes are arising. The remaining months of 2022 are now dedicated to finalise the research work and putting results on paper: in addition to the achievements already made public, several articles are planned to be published by the end of the project in April 2023. Find the complete list of GRETE related research papers on the website here.

On the right: Elisa Spönla (VTT), winner of the NWBC 2022 Students Pitching Competition with her presentation “Enzymatic high-consistency processing of softwood and eucalyptus kraft pulps for textile fibres

October resulted being a very intense month for the GRETE partners: place and dates for the 8th meeting were chosen to optimise travelling and allowing partners to exploit their visit to Helsinki for participating also in the Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference 2022 where Ilkka Kilpeläinen (UH) held his keynote speech on “Organic Superbase Salts (Ionic Liquids) for Cellulose Dissolution and Biomass Processing”, and Elisa Spönla (VTT) won the NWBC 2022 Students Pitching Competition: congratulations to both!

Exploring the Finnish forests and understanding their cultivation methods thanks to Metsä Group’s Nemus Futurum site.

To regain energy after the intense days of dissemination activities and enhance the team spirit, the GRETE partners were offered a deep-dive into sustainable forest management thanks to the visit to Metsä Group’s Nemus Futurum site: augmented reality is used to explore the different phases and methods of forestry, visualising the forest’s lifecycle as well as things unseen to the naked eye such as CO2 caption and release. The outdoor activity stimulated interactions and discussions on a broader level between the participants and allowed recently joined contributors to fully enter the project activities.

Now the focus is on the GRETE final event that will be held concurrently to the Cellulose Fibres Conference 2023 on March 8 and 9 in Cologne, Germany. Besides being present with a dedicated booth in the exhibition area, the GRETE experts will be participating in person presenting the project outcomes. Next and final consortium meeting is set for January 31st at Materially’s premises, having this meet-up before the GRETE final event will allow the partners to discuss the achieved results and fine-tune the presentations for the international conference in March 2023. 

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